The Sensory Studio

A state of the art sensory room in Abbey Wood measuring 35’ by 15’ which is full of interactive equipment designed to give a sensory experience to people with a range of needs, particularly those with sensory processing difficulties, physical difficulties and those on the autistic spectrum.

This large room consists of a temperature controlled water bed, bubble tubes that vibrate and change colour at the flick of a switch, sound and light floor panel to play music and games on, tactile board, fibre optics in a variety of dazzling colours to calm the senses, and a sound and screen system to create a host of evocative sounds, sights and scenery – a virtual reality.

The Sensory Studio is available to hire for children and adults with SEN at a cost of:

£15ph + £5 for each subsequent user (users living in the Borough of Greenwich)
£20ph + £5 for each subsequent user (users living outside the Borough of Greenwich)